Ryan Young is an American professional wrestler from Houston, Texas. He wrestled for the Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling. He currently works for Excel Wrestling Action! under the ring name Codebreaker. He has missing from the United States since August 15, 2009 (kayfabe).

Ring name(s)


Ryan Young

Born Houston,Texas
Turned face
Resides Dallas,Texas
Billed From The Secret Password
Trained by Sting
Entrance Music "Secret Password"(Broken Code) by Hardcore Mafia


Finishing Moves


Signature Moves



Disappearance from the United States

On the 1st of September , it was reported that Codebreaker was on a tour in Toyko , Japan and hasn't been seen since (kayfabe). Reports in Japan say that he was brutality beaten by Japanese wrestlers Yuku -Tayaka and Komakozi after Codebreaker and two Japanese wrestlers got into an argument over money. The argument got worse and Yuku and Komakozi took him outside and brutality beat him. They then threw him in the back of their car and drove off , to their 20 acker house in North Toyko , Japan. They then tied his body up and threw him into their swimming pool. The last person who saw him was his Japanese bodyguard Buzuka-Tayaka the brother of Yuku , and Buzuka said "Everything from the report is true so far , but nobody knows if he escaped from the suspects house or drowned in the swimming pool". Reports also said that Codebreaker escaped from the house and called 9-1-1. The police arrived and the two suspects where arrested but they escaped from the police car and threaten to kill Codebreaker-Reported New Japan Sports Network. But the true story is when the police arrived there was blood in the swimming pool , Codebreaker had been scabbed with a knife and was in the corner of the pool crying in pain , while still tied up. That's last time anyone saw him. His family is crying in pain and needs anybody he knows anything about what happened to Codebreaker to call the police-America's Most Wanted-John Walsh reports.