Members: Triple D, Ron Orton,Amazing Red
Former Member(s):

Roderick Strong (got fired)

Sacrifice (walked out due to injury)

Gregory Deed (walked out due to "being used" to get Triple D to be RYH champion)

Brett Bourne (walked out due to "loosing the X-Division Championship" to Amazing Red)

Billed From: The Generation of Z
Body Guards(s): N/A
Entrance Theme: "Suck it"by Just in Vain
Promotions: Revenge Your Honor

D-Generation Z or D-Generation Mafia is a professional wrestling mafia in Excel Wrestling Action consisting of Triple D ,Ron Orton. , and Amazing Red. The tag team is based off of the tag team in WWE, D-Generation X. DZ follows its own secret set of rules. They are long-time rivals with the Jamaican Paradise and secondary rivals with the Mic Checks. They currently hold the RYH Tag Team Championship.

In Wrestling:


Former Finishers

Signature Moves:

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D-Generation Z

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