Darkest Hour took place April 25,2009. It took place in Green Bay,Wisconsin.
PPV Name: "The darkest day, the darkest night, and the darkest hour"
Date of Event: Arpil 25,2009
Followed By: No Mercy!
Channel: Turing Sports! TV
Arena: Green Bay,Wisconsin
Theme Song: "The Wonders at Your Feet" by Dark Tranquilty
# [1] Results [2] Stipulations [3] Notes [4]

Warrior retained the title after a Axe Slam to all of his opponents and eliminated all of them this way.

World Heavyweight Title-Elimination Chamber Match

c-Warrior vs. Gregory Deed vs.Violence Kidd vs. Matt Orton vs. Ron Orton

  • Andrew Williams eliminated Codebreaker after a Canadian Destroyer, .
  • Andrew Williams eliminated and retained the championship after a Canadian Destroyer, to Steve Cage.

Legends Championship-Elimination Chamber Match

c- Andrew Williams vs. Codebreaker vs. Steve Cage

3 Brett Bourne retained the championship after a Bourne Star to James Knight

Intercontinental Championship-No Holds Barred Match

c-Brett Bourne vs. James Knight


Darin Kennedy pinned the Dark Lord after a shining wizard to become the new undisputed Cruiserweight Champion.

X-Division and Cruiserweight Championship-Lumberjack Match

c-Darin Kennedy vs. c-Dark Lord

5 Adam Roy won the match by grabbed the "X" from the hook above the ladder after a spear from the cutting edge to PTR. Ladder Match-Grudge Match-Winner earns "X Division" Title Match at No Mercy! Adam Roy vs. PTR
6 Triple D retained the title after delivering a pedigree to the Cutting Edge, Shane Michaels, and Jase Swagger and making the Cutting Edge tap out of the just shut up. XWA- Championship-Gladiator's Colliseum Match c-Triple D vs. Cutting Edge vs. Shane Michaels vs. Jase Swagger

No Match

No Match

No Match No Match