Excel Wrestling Action! is a professional wrestling promotion that hosts its shows in Detroit,Michigan at the War Memorial Coliseum.On September 11,2008 Triple D founded Excel Wrestling Action!.It is a growing promotion that is growing in popularity since it was founded. Seven years after ECW shut down, there where rumors about a new professional wrestling company. However, that rumor happened to be true. The fans where tired of not having a promotion like ECW and where ready for a change. In January of 2008 the Derek Walker decided to start Excel Wrestling Action!. The plan for this ended up not being favored. However, in October 2008, thanks to the help of the founder of ECW,Tod Gordon, Excel Wrestling Action! became a dream and now is a reality.Excel Wrestling Action! was started by long time Honor to Rise wrestler, Triple D. He started this promotion because he wanted to start a new legendary professional wrestling promotion.After just a few weeks Excel Wrestling Action! became the #1 watched backyard wrestling promotion in the world. The roster started with twenty wrestlers and now has over fifty wrestlers from rookies to veterans. Edit