Extreme Rules!
"We swet blood,Guts, but we never swet tears!"
Date of Event: August 1 , 2009
Followed By: Respect Is Earned
Channel: Turing Sports! TV
Arena: Wachovia Center
Theme Song: "37 Stitches" by Drowning Pool

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Matches Edit

  • RYH Championship-Monsters Ball Match-|c- Triple D vs. Scotty Haas vs. Pain to Rise
  • Triple D retained the championship after a precursor to Scotty Haas through a set up ladder.
*National Legends Championship- Falls Count Anywhere Match-|c-Brett Bourne vs. Kasu
  • Kasu became the new champion after a Kasu Kick off the top of the ladder.
  • World Heavyweight Championship-Back Stage Brawl Match-|c-Cutting Edge vs. Rob Van Dam
  • The Cutting Edge retained the championship after a spear through the glass window.
  • Hardcore Championship-Lastman Standing Match-|c-Ron Orton vs. Steven Cage vs. Michael Jarrett
  • Ron Orton won the match after a RKO off of a ladder on both Steven Cage and Michael Jarrett.
  • Undisputed Cruiserweight Championship-Three Stages of Hell Match-|c-Darin Kennedy vs. Chris Risten
  • Hell in a Cell:
  • Chris Risten won the 1st stage of hell , after a 616 through the top of the cage.
  • Steal Cage:
  • Chris Risten won the 2nd stage of hell and became the new champion , after nailing the Rapid Motion from the top of the ladder to the floor , causing his opponent's head to hit the cage.
  • Doomsday of Blood:
  • no 3rd stage of hell due to Chris Risten winning the first two stages.
  • Lastman Standing Match-Scorpion vs. Rockman

Jamaican Paradise Match-(no punches-o / slaps , no knee strikes o/kicks, no high flying moves) Ken Kingston vs. Mani Kingston

  • Mani Kingston won after a Jamaican in Paradise from the top turnbuckle.
  • General Managers Match- Manager's Office Match-(winner wins manager job of the Pain Brand)| Maria Phoenix vs. Trish Stratus
  • Maria won the match after nailing the Phoenix on Trish through the metal table.