A Gimmick or wrestler's personality (the "Evil Boss" Vince McMahon), behavior (the "cocky" Chris Jericho), attire (the "Arabian, yet from Bombay in India" Sabu), and/or other distinguishing traits while performing (the "daredevil" Jeff Hardy). It can also be an implement used to cheat (the guitar used by Jeff Jarrett to knock opponents out). In recent years, the emphasis has been on more realistic gimmicks (with rare exceptions such as The Undertaker) which portray the wrestler as an actual person, albeit with exaggerated personality traits, as opposed to previous years during which gimmicks could be best described as "cartoonish". A wrestler may be expected to portray many gimmicks during their career, most of which may be implausible or inconsistent. Sometimes a wrestler may undergo a complete change of on-screen personality from one week to the next, more recently done by Stevie Richards and currently WWE superstar Charlie Haas.