One Night Stand took place on March 21,2009. It took place at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.
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PPV Name: "One Night, of Amazement, One Night, of Destruction, One Night, to Stand!"
Date of Event: March 21,2009
Followed By: Winter ClassicTurning Point!
Channel: PW TV!
Arena: Ford Center
Theme Song: "Ladies & Gentlemen" by Saliva
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Warrior retained the title after a 'axe ddt to Silverdust's head through a chair.

World Heavyweight Championship-To the Death Match

c-"Aztec" Warrior vs. Silverdust

2 Triple D retained the title after Suicide got speared by Triple D from the top floor of the balcony.

XWA Championship-Unsanction Fight

c-Triple D vs. Suicide


Andrew Williams became the new champion after Warrior was slammed through a chain of tables.

Legends Championship-No Holds Barred Match

c-"Aztec" Warrior vs. Andrew Williams

Jase Swagger retained the title after PTR left the match after a broken collar bone.

 Hardcore Championship -Lastman Standing Match

c-Jase Swagger vs. PTR


Brett Hardy pinned Adam Roy after a twist of fate through a chair with tacks on it.

Junkyard Garage Match-Grudge Match  Adam Roy vs. Brett Hardy
6 Michael Jarret slammed Darren Kennedy through the top of the cage's roof after Darren Kennedy was hit by a chair, by the referee. Through the Roof Match-Grudge Match Michael Jarrett vs. Darren Kennedy

Acey James won the match after nailing Kelly Blare with a chair.

Battle of Love Match-Rivalry Match-Winner gets Triple D as boyfriend-Special Guest Referee-(Triple D)

Kelly Blare vs. Acey James