RYH Championship

Date Created

May 27,2008

Weight Class Required:

all weight classes

First Champion

Matthew Shields

Most Reigns

Ken Kingston-(2x)

Longest Reign

Triple D (326 days)

Shortest Reign:

Ken Kingston(38 days)

The RYH Championship is Revenge Your Honor's most wanted title belt. The first champion was Matthew Shields , who is credited as being the first champion , even though the title was called the CHW Championship at the time. There have been a total of 4 champions out of 5 total reigns. former champion Triple D , holds the record for the longest reign in the championships history(of 326 days).


Wrestler: [1] Date Won: [2] End of Reign: [3] Days Held: [4]

† = indicates reigns and title changes not recongized by RYH

Matthew Shields April 1,2008 September 26,2008 178 days
Ken Kingston September 27,2008 November 3,2008 38 days
Brett Hardy November 4,2008 December 13,2008 60 days



Championship Current champion Date won Date aired
XWA Championship