Respect is Earned! was a pay-per-view in Excel Wrestling Action! that took place on August 22 ,2009 at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.. The event started at 12pm. Eastern time and ended at 3pm Eastern time.

Respect Is Earned
"Respect is not Given, Respect is Earned"
Date of Event: August 22,2009
Followed By: Age of the Fall
Channel: Turing Sports! TV
Arena: Washington, D.C.-(Nationals Park)
Theme Song: "Enemy" by Drowning Pool

Disrespect (RE II) Respect is Not Given (RE III) Respect is Not Given: II (RE IV)

Matches Edit

  • RYH Championship-Steel Asylum Match- (c)-Triple D vs. Roderick Strong
  • Triple D retained the title after nailling Roderick Strong with a chair shot behind the ref's back.
  • Normal Match- Boxing Match- Elijah Burke vs. Orlando Jordan
  • Elijah Burke won after he received a low blow to the groin area , the match ended in a disqualification.
  • Knockout's Championship-Looser Leaves RYH Match-(c) Trish Stratus vs.Hot Tebby
  • Trish Stratus retained the championship after a Tucked In Bed through a table.
  • Hardcore Championship-Hardcore Rules Match-(c) Ron Orton vs. Jase Swagger vs. RVD
  • Ron Orton retained the title after delivering a RKO to RVD , from the top rope through the security wall.
  • United States championship-Steel Asylum Match-(c)-Ken Kingston vs. Underminer
  • Underminer became the new champion after nailing The Miner and crawling through the roof's hole.