Revenge Your Honor
Acronym RYH
Industry Fly-Wrestling
Headquarters [1] Detroit, Michigan
Theme music "Let It Roll' by Divide the Day
Show(s)  Wrestling Network(on-air) Corrupted Network(taped)
Countries 15 (listed below)
Parent Ring of Honor
Formerly Excel Wrestling Action!
Established Fall 2008
  • Episodes
  • Seasons
  • 342 (357 episodes at the end of January )
  • 3
Participants 54 wrestlers
Founder(s) Triple D
Key people Jason Hawpe (owner), Triple D (co-owner and current wrestler)
Owner Jason Hawpe (owner), Triple D (former owner)
President   / CEO Triple D
Booker(s) (see RING Announcers)
Folded still exists
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Current Champions Edit


Pain Brand Current champion(s) Date won Event Previous champion(s)
Hardcore Championship The Hurricane December 19,2009 TLC Ken Kingston
X-Division Championship Amazing Red

January 16,2010

_ Brett Bourne
Legends Championship _ _ _ _

Flash Brand Current champion(s) Date won Event Previous champion(s)
United States Championship Chris Hart February 12,2010 _ _
RGW Championship Caylen Croft February 20,2010 _ _
Cruiserweight Championship _ _ _ _

Interbranded Current champion(s) Date won Event Previous champion(s)
RYH Championship Triple D February 20,2010 No Mercy Ken Kingston
World Heavyweight Championship James Knight February 25,2010 _ Triple D
World Tag Team Championship The Pacmen December 19,2009 Take No Prisoners Mic Checks
RYH Tag Team Championship D-Generation Z _ _ vacant

Segment Host Year(s) Notes

The Sharpest Edge


The Cutting Edge


In ring segment where a wrestler challenges a picked wrestler who is picked by the Cutting Edge,and the wrestler gets 8 minutes to beat his opponent with the sharpshooter.

  2009- _
Piston's Cup

Piston's Cup

Take No Prisoners 2009-

The Piston's Cup tournament .

Mic Check

Mic Check

Darin Kennedy 2009-

Revenge Your Honor
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Accomplishments Grand Slam ChampionshipTriple Crown Championship,King of the Ring
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Miscellaneous Match TypesRevenge Theory • WINTERslamRevenge Your Honor (film)

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