World Heavyweight Championship

Date Created

June 11,2008

Weight Class Required:

Heavyweight, middleweight

First Champion

Pain to Rise

Most Reigns

Triple D-(2x)

Longest Reign

Cutting Edge(125 days)

Shortest Reign

Matt Orton(23-hours)

Unlincluded Reign

Matt Orton(1x)

The World Heavyweight Championship is Revenge Your Honor's 2nd most wanted title belt. The first champion was Drew Roode but he was stripped of the title do to murdering his ex-wife , do to jeliousy. The first champion was changed to Pain to Rise do to him being the 2nd champion overall. There have been a total of 4 champions out of 4 total reigns.

World Heavyweight Championship


Wrestler: [1] Date Won: [2] End of Reign: [3] Days Held: [4]

† = indicates reigns and title changes not recongized by RYH

Ᵹ = stripped of reign as champion.

† Ᵹ Drew Roode '

June 16,2008 October 24,2008 129 days
PTR October 25,2008 November 21,2008 27 days
Triple D November 22,2008 January 23,2009 62 days

Matt Orton

January 24,2009

January 25,2009

23 hours

Current Champion

Championship Current champion Date won Date aired
World Heavyweight Championship

James Knight


(see: List of Heavyweight Combined Reigns)