Zack Runnels (born September 9,1975) is a re-estabished active American professional wrestler and former body guard from Los Angeles,California. He worked for Excel Wrestling Action! under the ring name, Zack Rhodes. He currently works for Revenge Ur Honor as a trainer and a wrestler. He was forced to retire after losing in the main event at Unbreakable

Ring name(s)

Zack Rhodes, Silverdust

Born Los Angeles,California
Turned Neutral
Resides Virginia Beach,Virginia
Billed From

Houston, Texas

Trained by 24/7 Academy
Entrance Music "The silver and dust" by Electric Magnet

Finishing Moves

As Silverdust:

As Zack Rhodes:

Signature Moves Edit

As Zack Rhodes:

As Silverdust:


Championships Edit


Excel Wrestling Action! Edit

  • X-Division Championship-first-(1x)